Why Freeze Your Eggs?

Like many people today, you may not be ready to have a family at this time. Some people are choosing to freeze their eggs as a way of extending their fertility "window."

Preserve Your Eggs When They are the Healthiest

By freezing your eggs at a younger age, you will have a better chance of pregnancy and a healthy baby if you decide to conceive with IVF in the future.

Slow vs. Fast

Vitrification freezes quickly and avoids ice crystals


Minimize the Risk of Failed IVF and Miscarriages in the Future

IVF pregnancy success depends on the total number of eggs available for use and the age of those eggs. Using younger eggs, even if they have been frozen for many years, carries a greater chance of pregnancy success when used later on. Most fertility experts recommend freezing as many eggs as possible. The likelihood of a future live birth can be estimated based on the quantity of frozen eggs, along with your age.

Pregnancy Success Rates
Fresh vs. Frozen

A recent study reported similar pregnancy rates between frozen and fresh eggs.


Take Charge of Your Fertility

While egg freezing is not a sure thing, many people feel that it eases the pressure of trying to find the right partner, allows time to complete their education, and grants the freedom to pursue career opportunities, without feeling overwhelmed by the ticking of their biological clock. Freezing your eggs is a way to be proactive about your reproductive future.

Be Informed: Learn How Age Impacts Your Eggs