Your Orientation

Your Orientation

If you decide to freeze your eggs, you will then meet with your care team nurse for a detailed orientation, where she will discuss what to expect in the process, your treatment schedule, and how to take your medication.





At your orientation, your nurse will review your treatment plan and explain in detail what you should expect. In addition, she will show you how to mix your medication and how to do your injections. By knowing what to expect, we hope it will make your cycle a very positive experience.



What is Involved in an Egg Freezing Cycle?

Your egg freezing cycle can be divided into 4 phases. These are

  1. Priming: involves using medication to ensure that your eggs are in a healthy environment and are all at the same stage of development when we stimulate them
  2. Stimulation: involves injecting medication that stimulates the ovaries to grow multiple eggs
  3. Egg Retrieval is a simple procedure that involves removing  the mature eggs
  4. Egg Freezing is where the eggs are flash-frozen and stored


Starting Your Stimulation Cycle