Egg Freezing (Vitrification) & Storage

Egg Freezing (Vitrification) & Storage

After the retrieval, your eggs are flash-frozen and stored for future use.



Recent technological advances have made egg-freezing much more successful. The new procedure, called vitrification, is a specialized technique which flash-freezes the egg so quickly that the water inside the egg instantly turns into a solid, glasslike state, free of ice crystals.

Studies have shown that eggs are not damaged by this procedure and in fact the success rates for thawed eggs which are fertilized are the same as using fresh eggs.

Pregnancy Success Rates
Fresh vs. Frozen

A recent study reported similar pregnancy rates between frozen and fresh eggs.


Why Freeze Your Eggs at Olive

Egg freezing and thawing require a high level of skill and expertise. It is important that the embryologists have experience and advanced training in both the vitrification (flash freezing) and thawing aspects of the egg freezing process.

At Olive, we have an active egg freezing program, as well as a frozen donor egg program.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Lab Staff

Olive is the only clinic in BC with an on-site full time PhD lab director. Our embryologists have studied egg freezing techniques at state of the art labs and have undergone advanced training to ensure they meet the rigorous standards, as set by associated members of the Egg Bank Network USA.


Olive Provides Long Term On-site Storage