The Process

Getting Started

Your first step is to get a referral from a family doctor or walk-in clinic. This ensures your visit and testing are covered by MSP. You could alternatively self-refer but you will not receive MSP coverage.

Your First Appointment

At your consultation you will have an ultrasound evaluation. Your Olive Fertility doctor will go over the results of your tests and ultra sound and discuss your goals and treatment options.

Your Orientation

If you decide to freeze your eggs, you will then meet with your care team nurse for a detailed orientation where she will discuss what to expect in the process, your treatment schedule and how to take your medication.

Your Priming Stimulation Cycle

Once your period begins you will start daily injections for approximately 10 days to stimulate as many eggs as possible for the egg retrieval.

Your Egg Retrieval

The retrieval is a short 15 min procedure at the Olive clinic.

Egg Freezing

After the retrieval your eggs are flash-frozen and stored for future use.

Egg Storage

We have safe secure monitored egg storage on site at Olive.

I’m Ready to Use My Eggs

When you are ready to get pregnant your eggs will be fertilized and an embryo will be transferred into your uterus in a regular IVF procedure.

Alternatives to Egg Freezing

If for some reason you and your doctor decide that egg freezing is not right for you then you might consider other options.

There is a lot to learn about each step and we'll guide you through it.