Egg Freezing







There are many reasons that a woman may decide to freeze her eggs for future use. More women today are deciding to freeze their eggs because they are not yet ready to start a family. Like many women your age you may be establishing your career, paying off your student loan or just haven’t met the right partner. Freezing your eggs can relieve some of the pressure you may be feeling.

In other cases women are freezing their eggs for medical reasons including:

  • Losing an ovary to surgery
  • Having a disease, like stage V endometriosis, that can diminish egg reserve
  • Having a medical condition that requires taking medication that is toxic to eggs
  • Having to take high doses of testosterone medication
  • Having a family history of premature menopause
  • Testing positive for low egg reserve

Freezing your eggs now lets you take charge of your fertility by preserving your eggs when they are the most fertile and gives you options for creating your family in the future.

Find out your Chances of Conceiving

Olive Fertility has designed an online calculator for you to determine your likely success for pregnancy based on the number of eggs you have frozen.

Many Women Are Deciding to Freeze Their Eggs

There are many women just like you who for one reason or another aren’t quite ready to have a baby.